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Zin's Red Light Room
Welcome to Planet Waybei. (Planet Waybei is three times larger than Jupiter, our largest planet.) Because of the softness of the underground rock structure on Waybei, many miners were lost because of frequent cave-ins. No effort was made to rescue miners as the Zin Corporation would replace them with other miners.

Field crops are the same as found on our planet. The only time crops could not be grown were during the three months of fall. Winter doesn’t exist on planet Waybei because of the multi suns that keep the planet warm all year long. The largest sun provides the most heat to the planet. As it rises or sets, Waybeians work or sleep. Since night does not exist, thus it was viewed as an extended evening.

Waybei’s females and males each have the same amount of physical strength and live to about 45 to 50. Disease and viruses don’t exit on Waybei, so death is caused by living as long as they do. Males are about 5’ 9” tall and females are 5’ 7” inches in height
by Pat Brown
Planet Waybei
Zin's Red Light Room by Pat Brown
Meet the characters in this absorbing tale of action, adventure, love and war!
Alice, the heroine, is the most brilliant person on the planet. She is 23 when she assumes the chair of the High Council after Diane's death.
Alice develops a deep love for Zin’s Red Light Room’s Pleasure Male 168889 (later named Thomas) and they become lovers. Liaisons of this sort are not sanctioned by the Zin Corporation.
Kwan, a field male who escapes and gathers an army, returns to Zin Land to destroy it to make them pay for his enslavement and torture.
Mary’s expertise leads her to become General Mary, commander of the Zin forces in their struggle to defeat Kwan.
Jeb, who is an earlier follower of Kwan, assumes more and more power as Kwan’s personality deteriorates.
Judas, also an earlier follower of Kwan, is smarter than the other Kwan followers and weaves his own nefarious plots.
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