Zin's Red Light Room
Zinís Red Light Room trilogy is a passionate and compelling saga of romance, war, adventure and love. It is also an intriguing social commentary on the gender roles in our societies. Readers get to see what happens in Zin Land on Planet Waybei where the traditional power dynamics are upended, and females are in charge.

Book 1 introduces the reader to the Zin Corporation and Alice and Kwan as protagonists. Click the Home page for an overview of Book 1.

When Book 2 begins, Kwanís forces have successfully crossed the Great Desert, attacked Zin Land, and taken two providences by force. Diane, Chair of the High Council of Zin Land, was an unfortunate casualties in one of the providences.

Alice has been selected to replace Diane. Unbeknownst to the High Council, Alice not only wants to defeat Kwan and repel his destructive army, she also wants to implement some remarkably progressive reforms in Zin Land.

Alice personally began these reforms by choosing Pleasure Male 168889, whom she names Thomas, to be her life mate. She further flouts tradition by freeing him and the former Pleasure Males who served in Zinís Red Light Room. Alice puts Thomas in charge of mobilizing these men to fight Kwan.

Pregnant with Zin Landís first multiple babies, Alice further breaks with tradition by choosing to raise her babies herself. Struck down in the first battle, Thomas is lost, and the fate of Zin Land rests on Aliceís shoulders. Can she cope with triplets and a war?

Book 3 sees Alice determined to win the war against Kwan and make Zin Land whole again. She is thwarted by changing seasons, rabidly vicious animals, and a turn coat within her organization. Will Zin Land survive? Will Alice lead her forces to victory against Kwan? Thomasí body was never found. Is he alive? Read on, dear readers, the answer lies beyond you.

by Pat Brown
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